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About Us


To create a society of truly proud African people who express that pride through their indigenous language of Sesotho sa Leboa (Northern Sotho) / Sepedi.


Our mission is to provide information, education and entertainment in a language that our target market uses and understands the best, their mother tongue. To achieve this, we shall produce a weekly newspaper in the indigenous language of Sesotho sa Leboa / Sepedi in order to give voice to this indigenous language that currently enjoys no such expression in this manner.


The newspaper is published by Balaodi Publishers cc, a 100% black-owned and managed enterprise. The first issue of Seipone saw the light of the day on the 13th August 2002. Published as a monthly in the first year of its life, the newspaper became a fortnightly publication on its first birthday in August 2003 to date, and aims to achieve her goal of being a weekly paper in the near future

The newspaper is unique in that it publishes in an indigenous language of Northern Sotho (Sepedi) with articles on various issues including education, health, culture, politics, etc written in that language.

The newspaper provides services that include media coverage, profiling of individuals, organizations, products and services in this indigenous language. The newspaper carries adverts of various kinds and sizes written in that language and/or English and Afrikaans. Adverts could be written in any language. The newspaper is published in a tabloid format and ±50% colour with a minimum of 12 pages.